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We're building a simple and enduring healthcare solution, distinguished by our dynamic and innovative approach.

Our Cultural Values


When it comes down to it, we need to deliver. Grit, determination, skill, courage, self-belief, and resilience are all essential, and you are expected to own your work. We are tacking a difficult problem, you will have hurdles and challenges, but we pride ourselves on working through them as a team. 

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Together as a Team

We tackle all sorts of problems. Some we can solve by ourselves and should; others require more than one pair of eyes to solve. Trust your colleagues, help them develop, be constructive with feedback, and work as a team. Everyone has a voice.

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Dive Deep

We are going into a market that is full of legacy software. First principle thinking is critical. What we are trying to achieve has not been done before in the way we imagine it. Always dig as deep as you can, understand how things work in-depth, and only then build a solution.

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Everything is Possible

What we are trying to achieve will never be easy - we will push boundaries, speak to people who have never imagined what we do, and meet resistance. It is key that even in those challenging moments, we remain positive!

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Open Roles


Deployment Specialist


Backend Engineer

Berlin - Germany, London - UK, or Remote

Working Student (Product)

Berlin - Germany, London - UK, or Remote

Working Student (Engineering)

Berlin - Germany, London - UK, or Remote

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