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Research & Insights of Hospital Performance

Enhancing transparency: making hospital performance data easily accessible to patients, medical practitioners and researchers.

Local Area Monitoring

Supporting clinicians to understand their local area, including competition, demographics and changes in case rates.

Hospital Local Area Monitoring in epione
Hospital Service Availability in epione

Service Availability

Helping patients, suppliers and insurers understand what services are available at every hospital

Quality Indicator

Showing patients the locations where they are likely to receive the best treatment, and where there is the highest number of specialists in their area

Hospital Quality Indicator in epione
Hospital Historical Performance in epione

Historical Performance

Track back in time to see how a hospital's performance has changed historically

We’re looking for partners

As we continue to develop our research and data platform, we're looking for additional partners. If you're interested in helping us shape our offering, get in touch using the form below.

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