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Working Principles

Our working principles

We're building a simple and lasting solution, because we work differently. Our competition are slow-moving public institutions, corporations and consultancies in the healthcare space. We have three core beliefs at the heart of everything that we do:

Building for the bigger picture


Healthcare is a complex industry, so building an isolated island solution for one niche problem isn’t going to cut it. The only way to avoid fragmentation is to start with the big picture, and deliver a modular end to end solution one step at a time.

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Best in class people

We will solve any problem because we have the right people on board. Our talent bar is high, and we recognise that having the right people in the right roles can 10x your ability to implement change. We’re building an A team, and we’re proud of it.

Back to basics

We won’t win by replicating what exists today, and then trying to squeeze out a 10% improvement. We’ll succeed by going back to first principles, and building new, rather than integrating poor existing systems. We question everything that we come across, and keep asking why. 


Meet the team

Max Koelb


David Dunn

Frontend Engineer

Samuel Meyer

Founder Associate

Ali Rahmani


Alexander Nosov

Frontend Engineer

Ali Pashang

Working Student - Engineering

Evelina Arushanova

Product Designer

Hojat Vaheb

Backend Engineer

Milena Fürst

Working Student - Product

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