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End-to-end modular hospital management software

Functionalities to manage patient journeys in elmeas

Appointment Management

Booking and managing appointments, while maintaining a secure database for registered patients. We personalise the experience by recognising each patient and automatically populating their data.

Appointment Management in elmeas
Patient Journey Management in elmeas

Patient Journey Management

Captures all procedures performed in the hospital, ensuring swift processing and storage of records in a database. Saves doctors' time and reduces paperwork, but also minimises the patients' time spent in the hospital.

Device Integration

Automatically record measurements straight from the source, consolidating all patient information in a single, centralised location. Eliminate the need for medical professionals to transfer data across different machines, ensuring efficient, error-free information management.

Device Integrations in elmeas
Document Generation in elmeas

Document Generator

Automatically generate letters and forms using our prepared templates. This feature saves healthcare professionals valuable time by reducing the need for manual typing, and ensures that each letter captures all the necessary information accurately and efficiently.


Generate bills and invoices automatically for both publicly and privately insured patients, eliminating the need for extensive searching and double-checking. We accurately records and organises all performed procedures, ensuring that everything is readily available for billing purposes.

Billing in elmeas


With elioDoc you can upload and sign documents instantly, without the need for paper. The instant solution for clinical document signature. 

Seamless integration

Run either as your main clinical system, or alongside other systems like Medico or SAP - we are HL7 and FHIR compatible

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Functionalities to configure hospital settings in elmeas

Process Management in elmeas

Process Manager

Set and maintain a wide range of operating procedures with ease, encompassing everything from patient forms to medical procedures. Our user-friendly system implements these operations using openEHR and SNOMED.

Shift Manager

Manage staff shifts and coverage of locations through flexible resource planning. This feature enables streamlined scheduling, optimising workforce distribution to effectively meet the dynamic needs of healthcare facilities.

Shift Management in elmeas

Coming soon

Analytics in elmeas

Coming soon


Dive into your clinic's performance and identify the root causes of issues with just a few clicks. Our analytics tool offers a clear, accessible view of operational data.

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