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A complete healthtech ecosystem

Giving patients control of their data,
clinicians systems that enable them and researchers access to never seen before datasets

Our vision is to capture and leverage every piece of medical information for the benefit of the healthcare ecosystem

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elio our hospital system, elioDoc our easy document signature, and epione our research & insights platform

Software designed from the ground up, for the end user

elio & elioDoc

About Us

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Building for the bigger picture

The only way to avoid fragmentation is to start with the big picture, and deliver a modular end-to-end solution one step at a time.

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Best-in-class people

We can solve any problem because we have the right people tackling it - our talent bar is high, and our people deliver 10x value.

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Back to basics

 We aren't satisfied with integrating insufficient existing systems. We solve problems from first principles, to build new & better.

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