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Complete healthtech ecosystem

elmeas streamlines hospital operations, offering advanced tools for healthcare providers to manage all facets of work, from administrative tasks 
to patient care, both outpatient and inpatient.

elmeas high level breakdown of features.
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The necessity of digitalising the healthcare sector starts at its core - in the hospitals.

Why elmeas?

Historically, hospital systems prioritised billing and managed patient care primarily from an administrative perspective, often placing the needs of medical personnel last. We are changing this approach, prioritising medical personnel while still efficiently handling patient administration and billing.

What we offer

All-in-one E2E Solution

Cover the entire patient journey E2E in one solution, ensuring high quality care, accurate diagnosis and rapid access to information.

Single Medical Record

Store all information in a structured and usable format using ICD, Snomed-CT (in German), OPS, OpenEHR, etc. 

Workflow Management

Enforce and configure your standard operating procedures as you see fit.

Quick Onboarding

We are a cloud-based solution and our deployment takes between maximum 2 weeks from our first chat.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrates with current systems like Medico, SAP and Oracle Center, as well as being capable of replacing them. 

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Save time and ensure quality

With our innovative solutions, elmeas enables practitioners to perform tasks efficiently, saving them a significant amount of time, without compromises.




Junior Doctor


Senior Doctor


Medical Personel



Interested to try elmeas?

elmeas is designed with versatility in mind, allowing it to be effortlessly tailored to fit the unique needs of any medical practice or specialisation. Its adaptable framework ensures that it seamlessly aligns with the specific workflows and requirements of diverse healthcare environments.

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