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A complete healthtech ecosystem

Our vision is to empower individuals across the healthcare industry, giving patients control of their data,
clinicians systems that enable them and researchers access to never seen before datasets.

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The problem

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The technology available to people in healthcare today is fragmented, outdated and frustrating

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For a service which most of us will need at some point in our lives, healthcare technology has been underfunded for generations, and the innovation that we are seeing in other parts of our lives has yet to reach patients, clinicians and researchers. This opportunity is large, ever growing and in desperate need of an overhaul

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Inertia has led to mis-prioritisation of patients, waiting lists that never empty and very little funding for innovative new treatments

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Nobody has yet managed to solve the intricacies and complexities of our healthcare institutions in a simple and scalable way. That’s where elmeas comes in.

Problem Space

Our principles

We are building a simple and lasting solution, because we work differently to the slow-moving public institutions, corporations and consultancies in the healthcare space.

We have three core beliefs at the heart of everything that we do:

Building for the bigger picture


Healthcare is a complex industry, so building an isolated island solution for one niche problem isn’t going to cut it. The only way to avoid fragmentation is to start with the big picture, and deliver a modular end to end solution one step at a time.

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Best in class people

We solve any problem because we have the right people tackling it. Our talent bar is high, and we recognise that having the right people in the right roles can 10x your ability to implement change. We’re building an A team, and we’re proud of that.

Back to basics

We won’t win by replicating what exists today, and then trying to squeeze out a 10% improvement. We’ll succeed by going back to first principles, and building new - not just integrating poor existing systems. We question everything that we come across, and keep asking why. 

Our Principles

Our team

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Elmeas is full of open-minded individuals, who love getting their teeth into a new problem and don’t mind getting their hands dirty

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Our team has worked on some of the toughest challenges out there in technology, and scaled some of today’s most successful start-ups


We have forged links to industry leaders in healthcare, who are a vital part of the team, and provide real time problems for us to solve

Our Team

Come and join us

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We guarantee that you’ll be given exposure to all areas of the business from day 1, from technical design to commercial strategy and beyond

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We believe in giving everyone ownership and autonomy in what they do, and you’ll see the real life impact of your work for yourself

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If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, check out the Jobs page for our current vacancies

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Don’t see something that you like? Let us know how you can contribute to our mission at

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