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  • Max Koelb

The circles of elmeas

After we founded elmeas, our vision was clear - build a whole healthcare ecosystem and embed that idea clearly in our product from the beginning. Having researched in depth and tested competitors' solutions this was always something that they did not do. Hence keywords such as islands solutions, and integrable became such a focus. We have written blogs on this already, but what we also needed (and what we’ll focus on in this blog) was a design system and brand which reflected this. 

So what’s the meaning behind our shapes and colours?

Our colours reflect a mix between consumer, business, data and platform. It’s our appreciation of all of these - and the links between them - that makes our solution unique. 

Our main logo links business, data and consumer together via a platform. Hence we have had the three circles connected by grey lines, as we are the platform that connects all of these aspects. This is what healthcare needs, and from our premise we have divided it to put it at the heart of what we do. To add a bit more of a resemblance to us we made a circle to an e like elmeas.

And for each of our products it will also be a combination of these circles and their meanings as we ultimately always connect businesses to consumers (i.e. patients) with data on our platform, just always with a slightly different focus for each application.

It is quintessential that anything we build always fits into an ecosystem that we have in mind. The healthcare industry does not need anymore island solutions or disjointed applications. Everything needs to be able to be connected. 

Evelina joined in mid 2022 onto the journey as our Product Designer, and is constantly keeping this up to date. More importantly though she makes sure that all our products have a uniform UX and UI feel to it. She will tell more about her experiences in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. 


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