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  • Max Koelb

Behind the elmeas curtain

Updated: Jan 19

At elmeas, we've been building in stealth for the past 1.5 years - we're excited to finally show you what we have been up to, and to give you a glimpse behind the curtain.

After months of keeping our heads down, we're launching a new website, blog and newsletter, showcasing our first products: elio, eliodoc, and epione. As well as an introduction to our product suite, we'll also tell you more about the small super-team that has built them in our very first blog post.

elio - a new modern hospital system

elio is designed to meet the evolving needs of healthcare institutions, in an industry that is becoming infinitely more complex. Our new modern hospital system offers a user-friendly interface that brings together patient records, appointments, billing, and resource management. It enables hospitals to streamline operations, reduce administrative tasks, and importantly focus on patient care.

→ We have built this product in partnership with a leading clinical partner from one of Germany's largest private hospital groups. We're now on the lookout for beta partners to help shape the product going forwards - let us know if you're interested!

eliodoc: easy signatures in a clinical setting

Initially developed as part of elio, eliodoc addresses the challenge of document signatures in hospitals and clinics. The solution is simple: patients complete forms on an iPad, and the forms instantly transform into downloadable PDFs.

→ If this solves a real life problem for you today, feel free to reach out to us for more information. We're ready to roll out on premise for any clinical institutions in Germany today,

epione: our research & insights platform

epione makes medical data more transparent and practical, allowing you to leverage industry data with a few clicks. Our product benefits both businesses looking to understand their market better, and patient seeking hospitals based on historical data and quality indicators.

Join us on our journey!

We're just beginning our mission to revolutionise healthcare.

In the coming months, we'll be sharing more insights into our products, the market that we're serving, and our unique perspective on it.

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